Dylan Has Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

On Friday, we took Dylan to Urgent Care in Escondido since he San Diego dr wasn't in the office. He was running a fever, had no appetite, wouldn't drink (very unusual!), wouldn't stop crying and refused to be put down. Oh, and he was having trouble breathing. The doctor at urgent care diagnosed him with Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease. In addition to these symptoms, he has sores in his throat. No wonder he didn't want to eat!

Here is some information on this viral infection. It is also called coxsackie virus.

Dr. Sears' website has some good information on it, plus some pictures. Dylan isn't as bad as the pictures. In fact, it hasn't spread to his hands or feet at all yet.

There is also good info on WebMD. There is also a page on home treatments and treatment from the doctor.

The doctor gave him Tylenol with Codine if it gets really bad but otherwise, there wasn't much they could do.

Pray he gets better soon! He's feeling a little better today!
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