What's Happening?

Not too much is happening that is super fun and exciting to anyone but us but I thought I would put up a post anyway.

We started Dylan in T-ball which is a mixed blessing for him. He likes it a bit but has a hard time with it because he's so young still. But I think I want him to stick with it for a variety of reasons. The main reason being that I think there are lessons he needs to learn from the bigger kids on the team, like not to boss everyone around all the time because no one likes it. Unlike Dylan, Joshua LOVES baseball practice and games. He wants so badly to be out there playing with the big kids and it makes him so angry that he isn't allowed to yet! Last game, he made a break down the fence line and made a hard right onto the T-ball field at the end of the fence. Though I was really annoyed at the time, I'm pretty sure it must have been funny to someone watching a 7 mo. pregnant woman RUNNING after an almost 2 year old.

Dylan is suddenly interested in reading so I went and bought the first set of Bob Books at the bookstore. The day I bought them, he went from being totally discouraged trying to read this word here and that word there in books to actually being able to READ! He also started a new game in the car and at dinner... and just about everywhere, where he spells out a word and I have to guess what he's spelling. And for some reason, he really wants to spell "mailbox" all the time.

I think it's time for some small pet in this house. Poor Dylan captured a snail and is holding it captive as his "pet." I don't know which one I feel sorrier for: the kid or the snail. But he's been feeding it and talking about it. Nana also gave him a small stuffed cat that he's treating like a pet.

Well, I need to get to laundry and cleaning. Or napping. I haven't decided yet which is more important. :)

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