First of all, I want to apologize for the current lack of pictures. When I turned on my camera last night to take a picture of the tree with all of Dylan's presents next to it, the camera wouldn't respond. We tried changing the batteries and that didn't help. The only thing we didn't do was bang it on the tile but I figured that would probably do more harm than good.

Christmas started yesterday when my parents, step-brother and his wife and my step-sister and her husband and my great grandfather came over for Christmas Eve dinner. After dinner, my parents gave Dylan his big Christmas present: a Radio Flyer WAGON! After we put it together, we took Dylan for a ride in the wagon.

This morning, Dylan woke up trying to reach his stocking and crying for the tube of tennis balls sticking out the top. Daddy went to get him and brought Dylan and the stocking into our bed. He loved the cars and trucks he pulled out, ignored the stuffed balls and danced for his red fake crocs.

After playing with the cars for a while, we came downstairs. He saw his easel and his wagon filled with toys. He was really excited for the easel until we offered to let him open his other gifts. He loved his Mr. Potato Head; his new train set; the mini sports balls (esp. the football); the puzzle of cars, trucks, trains, planes and boats; his bang a ball with a hammer toy; chalk; and markers. Whenever he opened a gift of clothing, he would put it directly on my lap and open a new present.

When Nana and Grandad got here this afternoon, they brought Dylan a BIG WHEELS! They also brought two airplanes, clothes, and some other things I may have missed. Colin and Grandad had a bit of a challenge putting together the Big Wheels. They should really make better directions for these things. Auntie Catherine and Uncle John sent Dylan a stuffed elephant and didn't forget Dylan's baby brother with an adorable outfit! Can't wait to see him in the dino hat.

Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for the wagon and the new clothes. Thanks to Auntie for Dylan's new wardrobe (SUPER CUTE!!), the yummy snacks for Mommy and Daddy. Thank you to both Auntie and Grandpa Joe for the funds to get Dylan's new passes to the Wild Animal Park/ Zoo. Thank you Nana and Grandad for all Dylan's gifts, my sewing stuff and canisters and Colin's sweater, slippers and mouse. Thank you Catherine and John for the stuffed snuggly elephant, Baby's clothes, and my new pot holders (I've already used them!!) and napkins. If I've forgotten anything, I'm so sorry. It was and is appreciated. I'm just feeling a bit worn out from all the excitement.

WOOHOO! We finally got pictures from Nana and Grandad! There isn't many but here's what we have!






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