So funny

Sometimes I think the children are so funny. Like Joshua spinning in circles and falling over just to see me laugh at him. Or when the boys use the Bumbo as a dinosaur egg from which to hatch. Tonight, Colin and I got a kick out of something that we probably should not have thought was funny at all but was hilarious! At least we contained the laughter until after Dylan left the room again. For dinner tonight, I made zucchini which Joshua thinks is like manna from heaven or something and Dylan would rather lick the bottom of a shoe than eat. So the usual bribing the 3 year old to eat at least one tiny bite of anything remotely resembling something that is green from chlorophyll as opposed to some scary food coloring experiment. Dylan takes his plate to the sink and is told to go potty. A few minutes later he casually, oh so casually, comes back into the kitchen and opens the trash compacter. As we wonder what on earth the boy is doing, he starts spitting something into the trash... zucchini. Then he runs away laughing like a crazy person. Needless to say, after we wrestled him into eating another zucchini and did a body cavity check to make sure it was swallowed, we gently encouraged him to spend some time playing in his room so we could have a laugh about it. Crazy kid. What was he thinking not spitting it in the toilet? That was the perfect out!
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