Time Flies...

We went to the midwife today for my gestational diabetes test and she told me that we only have 10 more weeks until the baby is due! It seemed like we had so much longer before the baby comes. We have so much to do, like putting together the swing and other baby stuff, buying batteries, getting a new dresser, getting Dylan into his big boy bed, getting my diaper stash and the few things we need, washing all the baby clothes.... I could go on and on but I'll stop now before I go into a nesting panic. But I'm so excited that we are going to meet the baby soon!

On a similar but slightly different note, last night Dylan and I were playing in the living room, with him sitting on my lap. The baby started kicking Dylan and he got this look on his face that was something like amazement mixed with annoyance. He pulled my shirt up on my belly; put both hands on my belly, rubbing them back and forth; and said,"Brother!" Well, it sounded more like "bratha." So cute!
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  1. Melissa Says:

    Oh that is so cute that he rubs your belly and talks to his brother! He IS growing up so fast! We miss you guys and love you lots!

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